Want More Traffic/Sales (For Your Site) ?

There are squillions of sites of the web, the vast majority of which – probably 99% – get almost no traffic/sales.

Few people talk about this (especially the hosting companies and web developers that sell/support these sites).  But if you’ve ever set up a website, you’ve almost certainly found out that…

Unless you spend a vast amount of money on conventional and/or web advertising, your site will probably have very few visitors, and/or generate very few (if any) sales.

And even if your site does generate some traffic/sales, who doesn’t want more?

Advertise At A Rediculously Low Price – That You Can Easily Afford

By low prices, we mean typically USD 29.99 to USD 69.99 (for one year’s unlimited advertising).

NOTE! The low price is achieved by “ad swapping”.  You advertise other Ad Swapper sites — and they advertise you.  But neither of you charges/pays the other a cent.

So Ad Swapper is real web advertising.  But instead of paying squillions of dollars in advertising fees, Ad Swapper lets you quickly and easily swap ads with other sites.  As a result, the only cost is the ultra-low Ad Swapper yearly subscription fee (for maintaining and supporting the software and central site, that makes the ad swapping possible).

Target The Readers/Customers That You Want To Attract (To Your Site)

Even better than the rediculously low cost, is that Ad Swapper makes it easy for you to swap ads with the sites that your target readers/customers visit.

So you’re not paying squillions to spray ads at people, the majority of which have no interest in your product/service/site.  Instead, you pick the sites that your target readers/customers (are likely to) visit.  And swap ads with them.

The result being, of course, that your Ad Swapper advertising is much more effective (than other forms of advertising).

And better still, Ad Swapper makes it easy to gradually extend that network of sites you’re ad swapping with, so as to steadily increase your readership/sales.

Get Started Now

You can use Ad Swapper whether you have a website or not — and whether that site’s a WordPress site to which you CAN install plugins (or not).  Just select the option that’s right for you…

from USD
per YEAR (for
unlimited ads on
unlimited sites)
If You Want To Promote a WORDPRESS Site (To Which You CAN Install Plugins)

from USD
per YEAR (for
unlimited ads on
unlimited sites)
If You Want To Promote ANY OTHER WEBSITE That Meets the Ad Swapper Requirements (Which Most Do).

More Information ?

The About / Overview page provides more information on Ad Swapper.  As do the other pages on this site (see the main menu above).

Free Test Drive / Trial

The FREE Test Drive / Trial allows you to try out Ad Swapper for FREE.  The only restriction is that the sites you can advertise on are limited to:-

  • Your own site,
  • This site (the Ad Swapper™ main site),
  • Fern Technology,
  • Mermaid Chapel (small blog site), and;
  • (Occasionally perhaps) one or two others.

However, those sites are enough for you to fully evaluate Ad Swapper.  And once you’ve satisfied yourself that Ad Swapper is the next best thing to a free gift of a few squillion dollars (which we’re sure you’ll very quickly do), you can start advertising properly by simply paying the yearly subscription fee.

To start your evaluation of Ad Swapper, just pick the option that’s right for your site (if you have one):-