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What is Ad Swapper ? – The Big Picture
Ad Swapper is targeted web advertising — but at such rediculously low prices that EVERYONE can afford it.  And by low prices we mean from USD 29.99 (for one year’s unlimited advertising).

NOTE! The low price is achieved by “ad swapping”.  You advertise other Ad Swapper sites — and they advertise you.  But neither of you charges/pays the other a cent.

So Ad Swapper is real web advertising — that even private individuals and the smallest of small businesses can afford.  Large businesses benefit too (because of reduced advertising costs and much better targeting).

The following presentation gives a quick summary of how Ad Swapper works…

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New Site = Lots of Visitors ?

When starting a website, it's common to assume that (as soon as it's up), lots of visitors will immediately start reading it's posts/pages (if it's a blog) - or buying it's products/services (if it's a business website).

After all, getting readers/buyers is why most websites are launched in the first place...

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Too Few Visitors ?  Too Few Buyers ?

But once the site is launched, you discover the web's dark secret:-

Most personal and small/medium business websites get almost no visitors — unless a considerable amount of time and/or money is spent promoting the site first.

But effective, low-cost advertising (other than Ad Swapper), simply doesn't exist.

So after a few months, it's usually apparent that you've got either a blog with very few readers - or a business site that generates very little business.

Fortunately, Ad Swapper provides a fast-acting and very affordable way to get readers/customers to your site.

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Ad Swapper Lets You Advertise Like Crazy (To Get The Visitors You Want To Your Site)!

Ad Swapper's rediculously cheap.  The yearly fee (for unlimited advertising), is just 0.01% of your business's total annual income; with minimums as follows:-

Subscription Type Minimum Subscription Fee (USD Per Year) Turnover At Which The Minimum Applies (USD)
WordPress Site $29.99 $299,900
Non-WordPress Site $69.99 $699,900

The minimum fees apply to all private individuals and most small businesses.  So for these, Ad Swapper's just:-

USD 29.99 or USD 69.99 per year

for one year's unlimited advertising (depending on whether or not you have a WordPress site).

Thus, Ad Swapper allows you to do as much web advertising as you need (to get the visitors you want to your site).

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But...  How Can Ad Swapper Advertise My Site/Products Properly for Just $29.99 Per Year ?

Good question.  But the answer is easy:-

Ad Swapper lets you “ad swap” (with other Ad Swapper sites).  They advertise you — and you advertise them.  But neither of you charges or pays the other a cent.

The only cost (for each ad swapping site), is the Ad Swapper yearly subscription fee — to cover the costs of maintaining and supporting the software and central site (that makes the ad swapping possible).

So ad swapping is the reason for Ad Swapper's low cost.  And Ad Swapper advertising is real web advertising (with many other great features (as described in the following slides), that make it the leading choice for promoting, and getting readers/buyers to, your website).

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Ad Swapper Gives You...
One Year's UNLIMITED Advertising

Ad Swapper's rediculously low cost is great.  But what's even better is that it buys you one year's unlimited advertising.  In other words:-

  • An UNLIMITED number of ADS
  • On an UNLIMITED number of other Ad Swapper SITES
  • For one whole year.

Ad Swapper doesn't limit your advertising in any way (you get as many impressions and click-throughs as you want).

Note! There is one limiting factor though.  In that all Ad Swapper sites (including yours), are allowed to select the other Ad Swapper sites that may advertise on their site (and even enable/disable individual ads).

So some Ad Swapper sites might refuse to display your ads — if they found those ads (or your website, or product/service, or something) to be objectionable (as with porn, for example).

But that's not us (Ad Swapper), limiting your advertising.  It's just that other Ad Swapper sites may do so (if they find your advertising to be inappropriate in some way).

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Ad Swapper Gives You...
The World's Best TARGETED Advertising

Even better than Ad Swapper's unlimited and rediculously low cost advertising, is that your Ad Swapper advertising is highly targeted.  In other words, it's shown to people specifically interested in the site/product/service that you're advertising.

This is because Ad Swapper allows advertisers to select the sites their ads are shown on.  For maximum effectiveness, you simply select the sites your target readers/customers visit.

EXAMPLE:  Dog Food

Not a particularly glamorous product - but something that every dog owner buys.

So type "dog blogs" into your search engine.  You'll get page after page of dog blogs.  Who's visitors will almost all be the dog lovers and owners you want to sell to.  Then try "dog clubs" or any other dog related term (to get even more sites visited by the people you want to advertise to).

In this way, you should be able to find squillions of sites visited by those interested in whatever product, service or special interest you might want to promote.

So unlike almost all other mass-media advertising products, Ad Swapper allows you to target your ads at exactly the people you want to see them.  Just select the sites they're likely to visit.

So your Ad Swapper advertising is not only the cheapest - but also the most effective advertising you're ever likely to do.

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Ad Swapper Gives You...
Quick/Easy Selection of the Sites You Want To Advertise On...

Selecting the sites you want to advertise on is easy (with Ad Swapper).

The "Manage Available Sites" screen lists all the sites currently available (for you to advertise on).  From there, just set the "Display This Site's Ads On Your Site ?" checkbox (for each site you want to advertise on).


  • You can also select the sites that are allowed to advertise on your site (from the same screens).
  • Sites can also be selected in bulk, using “Web Site Collections” (selecting the Collection selects all the sites in it).
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Geo-Targeting (Country Selection)

Ad Swapper also supports Geo-Targeting.  So that you can restrict your ads to visitors from the countries you've specified.  Visitors from other countries – that you can't or don't want to sell to – won't see your ads.

This means that the sites you advertise on can be from all around the world.  But only visitors from the countries you want to sell to will see your ads.

This gives you the maximum number of sites to advertise on, while eliminating the time wasted handing orders/enquiries from countries that you don't want to or can't supply.

EXAMPLE:  Geo-Targeting Australia

If you want to sell dog food in Australia only, you DON'T do this by advertising on Australian dog related sites only.  You advertise on dog-related sites no matter where in the world they are.  Then you geo-target Australia - so that only visitors from Australia see your ads.

And similarly for any other country (or group of countries).
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Ad Swapper Lets You Create Your Own Ads (for FREE)

Ad Swapper's low cost and precise targeting wouldn't be of much use - to individuals and small businesses especially - if you had to pay a fortune to have your ads created.

So Ad Swapper solves this problem too.  By allowing you to easily create your own ads - using standard Office programs like Microsoft Word, Paint and Powerpoint, etc (or their Linux/Apple equivalents).

You can still have Web Designers and Ad Agencies (etc,) create your ads if you want to.  But if you can't afford that, you can easily create your own ads (on almost any PC) — using the standard Office tools that you're familiar with.

Note! Ad Swapper ads are just web-compatable images (GIF, JPEG and PNG).  So professionals can easily create these ads with graphic editor programs like Photoshop and Illustrator (etc).

Using web-compatable images also increases the security of Ad Swapper advertising.  In that (as far as we know - and unlike HTML and Javascript based solutions) - web-compatable images are unhackable.
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Ad Swapper Lets You Choose The Number and Placement of Ads On Your Site's Pages

With Ad Swapper, YOU control all aspects of how Ad Swapper ads appear on your site.  In particular:-

  • The number of Ad Swapper ads to be shown on your pages (and this can be different for each page),
  • The size of the Ad Swapper ads shown (which can be different for each of your “ad slots”), and;
  • Where on those pages the ads are displayed (eg; header, footer, sidebars, etc).

In addition:-

  • Ad Swapper ads will normally be for products and services that are relevant to your site.   And;
  • Ad Swapper's geo-targeting ensures that the ads displayed are relevant to the visitors who see them (in the sense that they can be purchased/obtained by the visitor concerned).

All of which means that Ad Swapper ads should never degrade your site.  Instead, you can use them to enrich and enhance it (by providing additional and ever-changing content that's directly relevant to your visitors).

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FREE BONUS!  Google "Page Rank" Improvement

As a side effect of the way it works, Ad Swapper also raises your site's Page Rank (and moves your site closer to the top of Google Page 1).

This is because Ad Swapper creates TWO links back to your site (for each Ad Swapper ad displayed).  One link is for the ad image itself, and the other is for the link back to your site when the image is clicked.

So the more Ad Swapper ads you put out (especially on sites that have high Google Pank Rank themselves), the more your Page Rank will increase.

And since a higher Page Rank means more visitors to your site, Ad Swapper is worth using for this feature alone.

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Example:  Ad Swapper for Bloggers, Content Suppliers and Non-Profits (Etc)

Though Ad Swapper can obviously be used by businesses (who want to sell something), there's NO reason why websites that don't actually sell anything shouldn't use it too.  For example:-

  • Bloggers (who want to draw readers to their blog in general, or some specific post/page/article),
  • Clubs (who want to attract new members),
  • Non-profits (who want to attract support and/or donations), and;
  • Content suppliers (such as public domain or commercial music/video downloading sites),
  • ...etc, etc...

After all, Ad Swapper's sole purpose is to get visitors to your site.  What you do with them once they get there, is up to you.

And Ad Swapper's ability to support multiple different ad designs/campaigns (simultaneously), means that Ad Swappers can use a variety of different ads to attract the visitors they're looking for.

Bloggers for example, could advertise (eg):-

  • The blog as a whole (and/or whatever topic it's focused on),
  • Sub-sections or categories of the blog (if it's focused on a variety of different topics), and/or;
  • Individual posts and pages (that you suspect might be on interest to visitors to the sites you target).

Every blog (and almost every site in general), has a vast number of potential readers who simply don't know that the site exists (and without Ad Swapper, almost certainly never will).

So Ad Swapper gives you an inexpensive (and easy to use,) way to change that!

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Summary:  Ad Swapper Gives You Unlimited, Low-Cost, Targeted Advertising (To Bring The Extra Visitors You Want To Your Site)

Ad Swapper is the world's first and only truly low-cost advertising media.  It lowers everyone's (web) advertising costs.  So much so, that it makes mass-media advertising affordable to even private individuals and the smallest of small businesses (for whom other forms of advertising are way too expensive).

Ad Swapper's the perfect advertising product for the future web-centric world.  And provides a whole new world of opportunities for individuals, small/medium sized businesses and start-ups, especially...

So if your site (or business) doesn't have the visitors/customers you want (and who's does?) — you're looking to launch a new business that will take the world by storm — or you just want to lower your advertising costs — then start advertising with Ad Swapper, today!

Ad Swapper:  Main Features
This is a quick list of Ad Swapper’s main features.  The slideshow/presentation above has more details on most of the items discussed…
Ultra Low Cost
One year's UNLIMITED web advertising — just 0.01% of your yearly business income (with USD minimums as follows):-
WordPress Sites: $29.99
NON WordPress Sites: $69.99
Private individuals and most small businesses pay the minimums.
Advertising That EVERYONE Can Afford
Even private individuals and the smallest of small businesses can easily afford to advertise like crazy with Ad Swapper.
And large businesses benefit too.  With reduced media costs and better targeting.
Unlimited Impressions, Click-Thoughs, Ad Designs and Campaigns
Ad Swapper's one year subscription gives you unlimited everything.
So you can run as many different advertising campaigns as you want.
And/or advertise as many different products/services as you want.
Precisely Targeted
YOU select the web sites your ads are shown on.
For maximum effectiveness, just select the web sites your target customers visit.
P.S.  Ad Swapper's site targeting is much more accurate than the keyword targeting usually used on the Web.
Quick/Easy Selection of Sites To Advertise On
From the list of currently available sites, just set/clear the check box of the sites you want to advertise on.
Easy To Add Extra Sites
If there are sites you want to advertise on that aren't Ad Swappers yet, just contact them.
Tell them you'd like to ad swap with them. And give them the link back to the Ad Swapper site (http://www.adswapper.com/) - so that they can find out what you're raving on about.
Geo-Targeting Supported
So you can advertise on sites anywhere in the world.
But have your ads shown only to visitors from the country or countries you want to sell to.
Create Your Own Ads (for FREE)
With Microsoft Word, Paint or Powerpoint (or Photoshop, etc).
So you don't have to pay Web Designers or Ad Agencies to create ads (but can if you want to).
You Select the Sites That May Advertise on Your Site
So there's no need to worry about porn or competitors ads, etc.
You can also enable/disable individual ads.
You Control Where Ads Appear On Your Site
The number, size and location of the ads on your site are controlled by you.
Plus the ads are for products that compliment and enhance your site (because you select the ads/advertisers accordingly).
High Security
Because Ad Swapper ads are just web-compatable images (GIF, JPEG and PNG).
Which as far as we know are unhackable (unlike the HTML and Javascript ad formats).
Improves Your Site's Google Page Rank
Two links back to your site are created for each Ad Swapper ad displayed.
So the more ads you create, the closer to the top of Google Page 1 your site should move.
Ad Swapper's worth the subscription fee for this feature alone.
Ad Swapper:  Subscription Options and Pricing
You can use Ad Swapper whether your site’s a WordPress site (to which you CAN install plugins), or not.  Just select the option that’s right for you…
from USD
per YEAR (for
unlimited ads on
unlimited sites)
If You Want To Promote a WORDPRESS Site (To Which You CAN Install Plugins)

from USD
per YEAR (for
unlimited ads on
unlimited sites)
If You Want To Promote ANY OTHER WEBSITE That Meets the Ad Swapper Requirements (Which Most Do).
Ad Swapper:  Free Test Drive / Trial
The FREE Test Drive / Trial allows you to try out Ad Swapper for FREE.  The only restriction is that the sites you can advertise on are limited to:-
  • Your own site,
  • This site (the Ad Swapper™ main site),
  • Fern Technology,
  • Mermaid Chapel (small blog site), and;
  • (Occasionally perhaps) one or two others.

However, those sites are enough for you to fully evaluate Ad Swapper.  And once you’ve satisfied yourself that Ad Swapper is the next best thing to a free gift of a few squillion dollars (which we’re sure you’ll very quickly do), you can start advertising properly by simply paying the yearly subscription fee.

To start your evaluation of Ad Swapper, just pick the option that’s right for your site (if you have one):-

Get More Readers/Buyers To Your Site…