(How To) Determine If A Site Is A WordPress Site (To Which You Can Install Plugins)

Is Your Site A WordPress Website ?

If you’re not sure whether your site is a WordPress site or not, then visit:-


Just enter your site’s URL, and IsItWP will tell you whether or not (it thinks) your site is a WordPress site.

Note! IsItWP isn’t perfect.  So if you suspect that IsItWP has got it wrong, then please check further to confirm it.

Another similar tool is:-


WhatWPThemeIsThat will give you a message like:-

“youtube.com does not appear to be a WordPress site”

if it thinks the URL you specified ISN’T that of a WordPress site.

Note! WhatWPThemeIsThat doesn’t always get it right either.  For example, it thinks that this site – http://www.adswapper.com/ – ISN’T a WordPress site (when in fact it is).

WhatWPThemeIsThat will also give details of the theme and plugins used on the site.  But DON’T assume that just because NO plugins were listed, that YOU CAN’T install plugins — or that just because SOME plugins were listed, that YOU CAN (install plugins).  As far as determining whether or not YOU can install plugins to a particular WordPress site is concerned, the fact that WhatWPThemeIsThat MAY or MAY NOT have detected SOME plugins on that site, doesn’t mean that the site’s owner/adminstrator can install plugins there (it’s got nothing to do with it).

Is Your Site A WordPress.Com Site ?

Unfortunately, you CAN’T install plugins to wordpress.com sites (for security reasons).

But you can still use Ad Swapper with these sites.  Just use the Ad Manager subscription type (instead of the Plugin Only subscription type).

Is Your Site A WordPress Website To Which You Can Install Plugins ?

Assuming that you’ve got a WordPress site, the next question is; “Can you install plugins to it?”

If you’re not sure about this, then login to the site’s WordPress back-end – as the Administrator user – then look for and click the Plugins option in the left hand menu.  Then if there’s an Add New button at the top left of the Plugins screen – and if clicking that button brings you to a page with an Upload Plugin button in the same place – then YES, it appears that you can install plugins to that WordPress website.

However, to be sure, you could then try to install Ad Swapper (instructions here) too.

If you succeed, then the Plugin Only subscription type is OK for this site.  If you fail, you should use the Ad Manager subscription type instead.

P.S. If you succeed, then you’re now also ready to go with the Ad Swapper FREE Test Drive / Trial.

Talk to Your Web Developer / Hosting Provider

Obviously, whoever maintains the site for you — eg; your Web Developer or Hosting Provider — should be able to quickly tell you whether the site is a WordPress site to which you can install plugins.

Quite probably, they’ll also be able to quickly install Ad Swapper for you too.

Ask Us

If you’re still not sure whether your site is a WordPress site to which you can install plugins, then please feel free to either Contact Us, or Raise a Support Ticket.

Don’t forget to include your site’s URL.  And if posible, it’s back-end (administration section) URL too.  With this information, we should be able to clarify things for you within a few minutes.