(How To) Install and Use The Ad Swapper WordPress Plugin

1.  Request A Download Link (For the Plugin)

By clicking the Download Now button on the Adswapper WordPress Plugin page…


You may have already just done this.  Because once you do, you’ll be re-directed to this page (that you’re currently reading).

So if you’ve just / already clicked the Download Now button, please skip straight to step 2

2.  Download The Plugin (To Your Local PC)

By clicking the link sent to the email address you specified (just before clicking the Download Now button mentioned above)…

3.  Upload, Install and Activate The Plugin

Once you’ve downloaded the plugin, upload, install and activate it – by using the standard WordPress procedure (for uploading, installing and activating plugins)…

If you’re not sure how to upload, install and activate a WordPress plugin, just follow the following instructions:-

  1. Login to the WordPress backend of the site you want to install the plugin to…
  2. Click Plugins, on the WordPress Admin left menu…
  3. Click Add New at the top left corner of the “Plugins” page…
  4. Click Upload Plugin at the top left corner of the “Add Plugin” page…
  5. Browse to and select the ad-swapper-local-vX.Y.Z.zip file you previously downloaded…
  6. Click Install Now.
    Note! The plugin takes a while to upload.  So if nothing appears to be happening for a minute or so, please be patient
  7. When the “Plugin installed successfully” message appears, click Activate Plugin.

That’s that.  Ad Swapper Local vX.Y.Z should now appear in the site’s WordPress Admin left hand menu.

4.  Start/Run The Plugin

By clicking the Ad Swapper Local vX.Y.Z link in the WordPress Admin screen’s left hand menu…

5.  The Ad Swapper Plugin Main Menu


After starting the plugin, you’ll be shown the plugin’s Main Menu (see the screen dump right). ➜ ➜ ➜

By default, inline help is ON.  And the Main Menu looks very busy.

But  focus on the green box entitled “Click the following links, for HELP on the specified task” (and outlined in red) .

This green box is where you should be running Ad Swapper from (to start with, at least).  Forget about everything else (on the Main Menu).  The green box is all that matters.

More specifically, the green box lists all the main things you’ll be doing with Ad Swapper.  Where clicking on an item title opens up a list of the steps required (to complete the task).

6.  Initial Plugin Setup


The first thing to do (when you install the Ad Swapper plugin for the very first time), is the Initial Plugin Setup.

So  click the item labeled Initial Plugin Setup (in the green box).  And follow the instructions given. 

Note! It may initially seem a bit complicated.  But essentially, you’re just copy/pasting some info. between two forms – and saving those two plus one other form.

And you should only need to do this once (the very first time you install the Ad Swapper plugin).  Installation of plugin upgrades are very unlikely to require a repeat of this step.

7.  Day To Day Use of Ad Swapper

Ad Swapper is an “ad swapping” program.  Which means that it lets you:-

  • Display Ads – From Other Ad Swapper Sites – On Your Site
    Ie;  You Display Other People’s Ads, and;
  • Create Ads – and Have Them Displayed On Other Ad Swapper Sites
    Ie;  They Display Yours

But you displaying other people’s ads – and having them display yours – are two quite different things.  So Ad Swapper manages them separately.

You should of course, be doing both (one good turn deserves another).  But when using Ad Swapper, you’ll be doing either one or the other (at any given time).


Creating Ads – and Having Them Displayed On Other Ad Swapper Sites

These things are handled by the:-

  • Create Some Ads, and;
  • Get Your Ads Displaying – On This And/Or Other Sites,

items (in the green box – on the plugin’s Main Menu – see the screen dump right).

 Click each item title (in the green box – on the plugin’s Main Menu), for step by step instructions… 


Displaying Ads – From Other Ad Swapper Sites – On Your Site

These things are handled by the:-

  • Prepare This Site To Display (Ad Swapper™) Ads, and;
  • Select/Obtain the Ads To Display (On This Site),

items (in the green box – on the plugin’s Main Menu – see the screen dump right).

 Click each item title (in the green box – on the plugin’s Main Menu), for step by step instructions… 

8.  Displaying Your Own Ads – On Your Own Site

Ad Swapper allows you to display your own ads on your own site (if you want too).

As far as Ad Swapper is concerned, your site is just another site that you can advertise on (if you want to).

So if you have some ads – and want to display them on your own site, just select and approve your own site (as you would any other Ad Swapper site).

9.  Loose Ends…

The page above describes the most important things involved with using the Ad Swapper WordPress plugin.

But there are various miscellaneous bits and pieces that it’s useful to know (if you’re to get the most out of the plugin).  Click here for more info. on these things.

P.S. We recommend you have a quick read of the linked page – and make mental notes of the various points raised – even if you’re still learning about / evaluating the plugin.  Because there are some things that may be useful, even at this stage.