(How To) Start Your FREE Ad Swapper Test Drive / Trial


To test/evaluate Ad Swapper (for which there is no charge), just install and start using the Ad Swapper plugin, as described here.

The Free Test Drive / Trial Limitations (None But The Ads)

Once you’ve completed the Quick Start instructions above, you’ll be able to able to do everything that a fully paid-up Ad Swapper subscriber can do.  EXCEPT that you’ll only be able to display ads on:-

  • Your own site,
  • This site (the Ad Swapper™ main site),
  • Fern Technology,
  • Mermaid Chapel (small blog site), and;
  • (Occasionally perhaps) one or two others.

This allows you to fully test/evaluate Ad Swapper.  With the only restriction being that the ads you create will only appear on the sites listed above.

Subscribing for Full Access

Once you’ve seen how easy it is to:-

  • Create your own ads, and;
  • Build up a network of targeted sites to display those ads on,

you can start advertising properly simply by paying the USD 29.99 yearly subscription fee.

Note! Once you’ve paid the subscription fee, Ad Swapper Central will automatically detect that you’re account is live.  And start displaying your (enabled) ads (on the other Ad Swapper sites that you’ve selected).

Subscribing for Full Access – If You HAVEN’T Done The Free Test Drive / Trial First

If you (want to) subscribe to Ad Swapper without doing the Free Test Drive / Trial first, you’ll still need to follow the “Quick Start” instructions above (to get the Ad Swapper plugin working properly on the site you’ve installed it to).

You can do the “Quick Start” either before or after you pay your subscription fee (it doesn’t matter).  But your ads will only start displaying on other Ad Swapper sites, once you’ve done both.