Ad Swapper Central vs. Ad Swapper Local

Ad Swapper Central

Ad Swapper Central is the main Ad Swapper site at

Ad Swapper Central is important in the Ad Swapper network – because it’s through Ad Swapper Central that all the Ad Swapper local sites exchange information (about the ads to be swapped, for example).

In addition, every Ad Swapper has an account at Ad Swapper Central (which account was created when you first subscribed to Ad Swapper).  And it’s through this account that you maintain your Ad Swapper subscription.

But by “maintain your Ad Swapper subscription”, all we mean is:-

  • Renew and maintain your subscription, and;
  • Register your “local” Ad Swapper site(s) (and maintain those registrations).

Everything else related to your Ad Swapper subscription is done from Ad Swapper Local (see below).

Ad Swapper Local

Ad Swapper Local is the Ad Swapper plugin on your “local” site.  And it’s from here that the bulk of your day-to-day ad swapping is done.

More specifically, it’s from Ad Swapper Local that you:-

  • Maintain the local site’s “site profile” (ie; the site’s name and description, etc – for the benefit of other Ad Swappers),
  • Maintain the local site’s “ad slots” (which are the area(s) on your pages where the Ad Swapper ads appear),
  • Maintain the local site’s ads (Note!  You can create your ads where-ever you like – on your desktop PC, for example.  But you ad them to Ad Swapper through the Ad Swapper plugin on the Ad Swapper site to which the ads belong),
  • Manually select the sites you want to display this local site’s ads on (if any),
  • Create and maintain any Web Site Collections you want for this local site,
  • …etc, etc

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