Miscellaneous Stuff (About The Ad Swapper WordPress Plugin)

The page above describes the various miscellaneous bits and pieces that it’s useful to know (if you’re to get the most out of the Ad Swapper WordPress plugin).

P.S. We recommend you have a quick read of the page below – and make mental notes of the various points raised – even if you’re still learning about / evaluating the plugin.  Because there are some things that may be useful, even at this stage.

Test Mode

In the Site Profile form (*), there are two fields that allow you to switch Ad Swapper into Test Mode.

(*)  The Site Profile form is aAccessed by running the Maintain This Site’s Profile option (on the plugin’s Main Menu).

Test Mode allows you to try out / evaluate Ad Swapper – without anyone but yourself (the WebMaster) being able to see any Ad Swapper ads (on your site).  In Test Mode, ads are only displayed to the IP Address or Cookie you specify.  So your normal users/readers see NO ads.

So Test Mode is useful not only when evaluating the plugin – but also when setting up your Ad Slots.  So your users aren’t confused by any strange things that might happen, while you get things sorted.

Just remember to switch Test Mode OFF, when you’re ready to go live.

Disabling Ads and Ad Slots

Both Ads and Ad Slots can be individually disabled (by ticking the appropriate checkbox – typically located at the top of the form used to add/edit the Ad/Ad Slot concerned).

A disabled Ad or Ad Slot is no longer displayed.  So this is a useful way to hide an Ad or Ad Slot that you might want to use again later.