Web Site Collections

“Web Site Collections” are groups of web sites – usually focused on some particular target market (or theme/topic).  For example:-

  • Pet Lovers
  • Dog Lovers
  • German Shepherds
  • Health and Beauty
  • Fitness
  • Photography
  • Black and White Film Photography
  • etc, etc

Web site collections can be as general (“Pet Lovers”) or as specific (“German Shepherds”) as you like.

Web Site Collections and Ad Swapping

All the sites in a web site collection swap ads with each other.  So selecting/joining a Web Site Collection is how you select sites to ad swap with in bulk.

Creating Web Site Collections

Any Ad Swapper site owner can create Web Site Collections (and they can create as many as they like).

Once created (and so long as it’s “enabled” by it’s owner/creator), a Web Site Collection is uploaded to Ad Swapper Central – so that other Ad Swapper site owners can “join” it.

“Moderated” Web Site Collections

When a site owner creates a collection, they can set it to be “moderated” or “un-moderated”.  If the collection is moderated, then owner/moderator approval is required before any other site can join the collection.  If the collection is un-moderated, then any other site that wants to join the collection can do so immediately (simply by “selecting” it at their Local site).

Targeted Marketing With Web Site Collections

If there are any existing Web Site Collections that focus on the same target market as you, then just select/join that Collection (from your Local site).  Once you’ve received moderator approval to join that collection (if moderator approval is required), then you’ll immediately start ad swapping with all the other sites in the collection.

If there are NO suitable existing Web Site Collections, then you can create your own Web Site Collection (or Collections), as required.

Once you’ve created a Collection (and run Update Central Site), your new Collection will be available for other Ad Swappers to join.  While you can just sit and wait for this to just automagically happen, making contact with sites you’d like to have in your collection will obviously help to speed things up.

Any sites you contact that are already Ad Swappers, can join your collection by simply selecting it from their Local site. Sites that aren’t yet Ad Swappers will have to install the Ad Swapper plugin – and pay the USD 29.99 per year subscription fee – before they can join.