Create/Maintain This Site’s Web Site Collections

You create and maintain this site’s Web Site Collections from Ad Swapper Local, as follows:-

To Add, Edit and Delete Web Site Collections (For This Site)

Run the “Maintain Your Own Web Site Collections” option (from the Ad Swapper plugin, on the site to which the Collections should belong).

Clicking this option should display a page like (eg):-


This page lists this site’s existing Web Site Collection (if there are any).

Click the “Add Web Site Collection” button (top left), to add a new Web Site Collection.

Click the edit or delete button (for the Collection concerned), to edit or delete an existing Collection.

The “Add/Edit Web Site Collection” Form

This form is like (eg):-


The online help should clarify what to enter in each field.  Press Submit to save the new/edited Collection.

Update Central Site

Once you’ve finished adding, editing and deleting Web Site Collections, run Update Central Site – to copy your changes to Ad Swapper Central.