Creating Your Site’s Ads

Ad Swapper ads are just web-compatible images (JPEG, GIF or PNG).

And so, can be created – either by YOU – or by a Web Designer/Advertising Agency (or some other professional) – with any software that can create/manipulate images on a computer.  For example:-

  • Standard Office software such as Microsoft Word, Paint or PowerPoint (or their Linux/Apple equivalents),
  • Specialised image creation/manipulation software like Photoshop or the GIMP, or even;
  • The WordPress Post/Page editor (in your WordPress back end).

Converting Word, PowerPoint or WordPress Post/Page Editor Created Ads To Images

If you create your ads in Microsoft Paint, Photoshop or the GIMP, then you’ll have little trouble saving them as GIF, JPEG or PNG images directly.


But if you create your images in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint (or their Linux/Apple equivalents) – or in the WordPress Post/Page editor – then these generally won’t save the ads you create as GIF, JPEG or PNG directly.

“Print Screen” To The Rescue

Fortunately, it’s dead easy to save ads created with these tools to (web-compatable) images.  Just display the finished ad on your screen – and then press the Print Screen key on your keyboard.

The saved file will show the entire screen.  So once saved, you’ll probably have to use an image cropping program to cut out the ad proper.

NOTE!  The screen dump will probably save as either JPEG or PNG (depending on your operating system and how it’s configured).  If the screen dump saves as some other image file format (eg; BMP or TIFF, etc), then you’ll have to convert the ad to GIF, JPEG or PNG (before uploading it to your site).

How Big Should My Ad Images Be ?

It generally doesn’t matter exactly how big your ad images are (since they’re automatically re-sized in the browser – to fit within the Ad Slot in which they’re displayed).  But too big is generally better than too small (since if the browser has to increase the image size, then image quality will probably suffer).

A image width of perhaps 800 to 1024 pixels will probably work fine in most cases.