Select the Sites Allowed to Advertise on Your Site

You select the sites allowed to advertise on your site from Ad Swapper Local, as follows:-

  • Run the “Update Local Site” option (so as to download the latest list of currently enabled Ad Swapper sites),
  • Run the “Select the Sites To Advertise/Advertise On” option (from which you select the sites that may advertise on your site – as described below), then;
  • Run the “Update Central Site” option (to tell Ad Swapper Central about any changes you’ve made).
  • “Select the Sites To Advertise/Advertise On”

    Clicking this option will display a page like (eg):-


    This page lists all the currently enabled Ad Swapper sites (including yours *).

    (*)  So long as you’ve also registered your site (at Ad Swapper Central), filled in the Site Profile, and run “Update Central Site”).

    By default, the display of ads from other Ad Swapper sites (on your site), is disabled.  To allow any particular site to advertise on your site:-

    • Click the “view/edit” button (belonging to the site you want to enable).
    • A page like the following should appear:-


    • Set the “Display This Site’s Ads On Your Site ?” field (on that page), to YES.