Setting Up Your Site’s Ad Slots

Ad Slots are the areas on your site’s pages where Ad Swapper ads appear.

For example:-


How Many Ad Slots Should A Site Have ?

We assume that every Ad Swapper site will have at least one Ad Slot – in a reasonably prominent position (say top of a sidebar) – on most pages.

But for the moment at least, Ad Swapper is running on an honesty basis.  In other words, we don’t check or enforce that you have any Ad Slots on your site.

But obviously, it would be dishonest to expect other Ad Swappers to show your ads, if you’re not prepared to show theirs.  And other Ad Swappers can (presumably) visit your site to check this (before enabling the display of your ads on their site, for example).

Some Suggestions

We suggest that on most of your pages (particularly the content rich ones that readers visit), you might have (eg):-

  • At least one Ad Slot in a reasonably prominent position at the top of the page (above the fold).  For example, in the header, and/or top of at least one sidebar, and;
  • A grid of ads slots (say 2/3/4 columns – depending on page width – x 2 rows), at the bottom of the page.

However, you’ll no doubt want to arrange things to best suit the content and layout of your site.

Creating/Maintaining Your Site’s Ad Slots

You create and maintain your site’s Ad Slots from Ad Swapper Local.

Click “Maintain This Site’s Ad Slots” from the Ad Swapper plugin Main Menu.  You should then see a page listing your existing Ad Slots, as follows:-


From this page you can add new Ad Slots. And/or edit and delete existing Ad Slots.

The Add/Edit Ad Slot Form

The Add/Edit Ad Slot form looks like (eg):-


For now, just fill in the:-

  • Name,
  • Title, and;
  • Width Nominal,

fields (the remaining fields aren’t used).  Then Submit the form.

Inserting Your Ad Slots Into The Page

Ad Slots are placed onto the page with the Ad Swapper Ad Displayer” widget.

From the WordPress back-end, click “Appearance”“Widgets”.  And then drag the Ad Swapper Ad Displayer” widget to the widget area or areas you want your Ad Slots to appear in.


Once you’ve dropped the Ad Swapper Ad Displayer widget into a widget area, you’ll have to select the particular “Ad Slot” (created and maintained in the Ad Swapper Local plugin), that you want to appear in this widget area.