Uploading Your Site’s Ads

Once you’ve created your Ad Swapper ads (as web-compatible images – GIF, JPEG or PNG), you can upload them to your site from Ad Swapper Local (the Ad Swapper plugin on the site to which the ads belong).

Uploading With The WordPress Media Manager

The easiest way to upload your ads, is with the WordPress Media Manager (aka Media Library).

Just click “Media”“Add New” – and upload the ads into the WordPress Media Library.

Uploading By FTP

If you want to upload the images by FTP or File Manager – and store them somewhere random on your site (eg; a directory either inside or outside of the Media Manager) – then you can do that too.

Storing the Ad Images Off-Site

You DON’T even have to store the ad images on the site the ads belong to.  So long as the ad images are web-accessible, is all that really matters.

More specifically, all Ad Swapper really requires is a web-accessible image URL (either on the site being advertised, or somewhere else).

Though if you store the ad images on some site (other than the site the ads belong to), then you’re NOT going to get the Google PageRank improvements that storing the images on the site being advertised should bring.

Telling Ad Swapper About The Ads

Once you’ve uploaded the ad image(s) to the Web, you’ve then got to add the ad to Ad Swapper.  Do this by clicking “Maintain This Site’s Ads”, from the Ad Swapper plugin on the site the ad belongs to.

A page listing the site’s ads will be displayed, as follows:-


Click “Add Outgoing Ad” (at the top left of the page), to add a new ad.  And edit or delete, to edit or delete an existing ad.

The “Add/Edit Outgoing Ad” Form

The “Add/Edit Outgoing Ad” form is as follows:-


Just fill-in the image and link URLs; then Submit the form.

The Image URL is the URL to the ad’s image (that you’ve just uploaded).

The Link URL is the URL – usually on the site the ad belongs to – where the user should be taken if/when they click the ad.

The Disabled field allows you to (temporarily) disable the ad.  It should be left unchecked (if you want the ad to be displayed on other sites).