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What’s the Difference Between the ‘Plugin Only’ and ‘Ad Manager’ Subscription Types ?

The ‘Ad Manager’ subscription type is a little more expensive than the ‘Plugin Only’ subscription type.   And a little more complicated to setup and use.  In particular:-

  • USD 69.99 for the ‘Ad Manager’ subscription type, compared to USD 29.99 for the ‘Plugin Only’ subscription type).  But in view of the fact that (in both cases), this buys one years unlimited advertising — which would cost squillions of dollars in other media — it hardly seems worth worrying about.
  • Two websites and logins, to manage your day to day Ad Swapper advertising, instead of one.  In practice, this is probably the biggest difference between the two subscription types.
  • A little extra work when first setting up your Ad Swapper account (to copy/paste the ad insertion code to the site the ads are to appear on).

So there’s not much in it.  But as regards cost and ease-of-use, the ‘Plugin Only’ Ad Swapper subscription type might have a slight edge.

More specifically:-

With the ‘Plugin Only’ subscription type:-

The Ad Swapper plugin is installed to YOUR OWN SITE (which by definition, must be a WordPress site – to which you can install plugins).

Whereas, with the ‘Ad Manager’ subscription type:-

The Ad Swapper plugin is installed on OUR SITE.  And you access it at a URL like “http//<your-site-name>.adswapper.biz” (with your own username and password).

Which in turn means that, with the ‘Plugin Only’ subscription type:-

You do ALL your Ad Swapper advertising related work — ie; upload ads, create/edit landing pages, and select the sites to advertise on (etc) — from the WordPress back-end (administration section) of YOUR OWN SITE.

Whereas, with the ‘Ad Manager’ subscription type:-

    • You upload ads and create/edit landing pages at YOUR OWN SITE.  But;
    • Select the sites to advertise on, (etc), at OUR SITE.  And in addition;
    • When first opening your account, must copy/paste some PHP or Javascript code to your own site (which code inserts the Ad Swapper ads into your site’s pages).

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