Invoice Request

If you’d rather we invoiced you – so that you can pay by cheque or bank deposit, etc (in the traditional way) – just request an invoice from us by filling in and submitting the form below…

See Yearly Subscription Fee for more information.

Invoice Request
The name that the invoice should be made out to.
The address of Invoicee Name above.  This is the address that will go on the invoice.  Can be a Street Address or a Postal Address.  NOTE!  The invoice WON'T be snail-mailed here - it will be EMAILED to you (see below).
Optional.  The website address (URL) of Invoicee Name above.
Your name (or the name of the person we should be speaking to if we have any questions).
This is both where the invoice will be sent.  And who we should email if we have any questions.
Whole dollars only.  See this page, if you're not sure what to put in this field (and/or the Yearly Subscription Fee field below).
Should be 0.01% of the Business/Website Annual Income (multiply by 0.0001).  With a minimum of USD 29.99.  This is the amount that the invoice will be made out for (whole dollars only).
If you have any special needs/requests (as far as this invoice is concerned), then please let us know here.  In particular, the invoice will be sent in PDF format, by default.  If you'd prefer another format, then please tell us here.